Iquique's Best Places To Eat


We’ve been to Iquique many times now to teach paragliding and on each visit we find new and exciting places to eat. It seems unlikely for the desert but there’s quite a big food scene here with lots of fresh seafood, local dishes and much more.


Otaku Sushi

First of all, this has to be the best sushi in Iquique but make sure you go to the right restaurant. These guys have three restaurants but for some reason the one on Playa Bravo is much better. 

We’ve done the leg work for you here and tried a lot of the menu to let you know the best dishes to order. Our favourite sushi roll is the Pulpo a la Parilla which is octopus filled with the most amazing chimichurri dressing and crispy potato sprinkled on top - you have to try it to believe us. The cocktails here are also excellent for an end of day celebratory drink after smashing your XC record.


Los Verdes

Less of a restaurant and more of a beach shack, we usually head here for lunch before going to Palo Buque for afternoon flying sessions. Los Verdes means the greens and the entire place gets its name from the green rocks of the coast here, which is also where the seafood is locally fished for all the food.

At Lose Verdes they serve, empanadas or ceviche and that’s it. There’s nearly always a line for the empanadas which are deep-fried, extra crispy and filled to the brim with fillings such as shellfish and cheese, octopus and cheese, chicken and cheese or mixto which is a mixture of different seafood but everything in an empanada is always with cheese. The ceviche is also delicious and freshly prepared each day, definitely worth trying for something authentic or if you’ve never had it before.


Backpackers Hostel Marley Cafe

This Marley Cafe is part of the most happening hostel in Iquique but that shouldn’t put you off. Playing chilled tunes all day for good vibes and serving the best coffee around (according to some of our Italian students) we recommend here for breakfast, coffee and cake for an afternoon snack or something from the kitchen for a light dinner. 

Our favourites are the carrot cake muffin to go with a creamy cappuccino and for dinner the fragant asian bowls are a welcome difference from the local style food.


Pizzeria Da Nicola

Owned by a real Italian this is the closest thing to Italian pizza you will get 11,000 km away from its homeland. The pizza is thin and crispy, just as Italians like it and always delicious, even more so after a long day of flying. 

There are also other traditional dishes on the menu such as gnocchi, lasagne and tiramisu. All we can say is you won’t be going home hungry after you’ve visited the desert on a paragliding tour with us.


La Mayor Sandwicheria

Sandwiches are what a lot of locals eat for dinner. It’s more of an elevated street food or late snack in Iquique. This sandwich shop is a little more upmarket from some of the others, offering a wide selection of artisanal beers on tap and in bottles to compliment their food.

The menu here extends from sandwiches to burgers, quesadillas, nachos and much more and is a nice stop for lunch or dinner to keep your energy up for flying and your weight too for ballast.