Progress Course

For pilots that have advanced passed beginner but need guidance to the next level, our progress tuition will take you there with this seven-day course

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Seven jam-packed days of paragliding will see you progress in all the places you want to. This is a course we tailor to our student’s strengths and abilities. Over the seven days, we will cover a variety of advanced techniques so you feel more comfortable when flying longer distances. We will fly across two main sites, Dominical and Los Indios, Rivas to experience thermal-dynamic ridge flying and mountain thermal cross country.


Progress Course Activities

Each morning starts with group theory lessons before heading up to fly at either Escalares launch in Dominical or Los Indios, Rivas for about 10.30 AM.

We try to fly as a group to complete varying tasks, like making small triangles in the valley or flying linear distances before landing to break for a late lunch. Flying as a group makes it easier to understand the air and is a great way to visualise what is happening.

Zion will be on the radio or flying with you to give guidance when needed but this course is really about taking the theory of XC flying and putting it into practice.

We don’t outline a specific daily itinerary as we work on a student by student basis based on your current ability and what you want to improve on but here’s a list of possible learnings:

  • Advanced manoeuvres: rapid descent manoeuvres, spirals, wingovers, asymmetrical collapse, extra large big ears

  • Spot landings

  • Advanced kiting and ground handling

  • Thermalling technique

  • Speed bar and active piloting on speed bar


What’s Included

  • 7 days of instruction, practical and theory

  • Transport from accommodation to launch sites

  • Landing zone pick-ups

  • Advice on local accommodation and preferential rates

Not Included

  • Food

  • Flights (to Costa Rica)

  • Accommodation

  • Transport/transfers to or from the airport

What you need

  • USHPA P2 license or above (equivalent license from issuing country accepted)

  • Certified paraglider (EN B or above), harness with emergency reserve parachute and helmet.

  • Ability to confidently take off and land on your own.

  • Unlocked VHF radio – we recommend the Yaesu FT-270.

  • Comfortable and sturdy shoes to withstand kiting and light running.

  • Insurance covering paragliding. USHPA does not cover third party insurance outside of USA. You will not be able to part take in the course without insurance coverage



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