Beginner Course

Our nine-day intensive course is for absolute beginners or those in need of a refresher. The hands-on approach to the course will have you taking your first solo flight within the first three days.

Next course: January 2020

Course and Kit Bundle: $5500 (USD)

Course only price: $1500 (USD)



We believe the mellow summer weather of the tropics is a great place to learn how to paraglide. The beginner course in Costa Rica starts off in the training field. The open space is great for students to practice kiting for the first few days. Once you've mastered the basics of kiting you're ready for your first flight from the beginner site in the coastal town of Jaco. Here, the gentle ocean breeze is perfect for beginners and the large fields below leave ample room for easy landing. The last few days are spent flying in Dominical above the beach and jungle. This thermal-dynamic site is where you can practise your 360 turns and thermalling to learn the true essence of free-flight and the beginnings of cross country.

Ask us about our course and beginner kit bundle for the best deal on everything you need to get started paragliding


Beginner Course Itinerary

Days 1-3:

  • How to set-up for flying

  • Caring for your wing

  • Kiting the wing

  • Launching and landing

  • First short flights a few meters off the ground

Day 4-6:

  • Daily full instructional solo flights

  • Beach landing with spot landing and final glide advice

  • Theory lessons covering wing safety, controlling the wing and basic thermalling

Day 7-9:

  • Daily flights from varying launches with some guidance and tuition – it’s time to put into practice what you’ve learnt

  • Advanced kiting practise with obstacle courses and additional techniques

  • Advanced theory on thermalling and wing safety


What’s Included

  • 9 days of full tuition

  • USHPA P2 license issued at the end of the course in accordance with meeting all requirements (USHPA membership payable by the pilot to USHPA directly).

  • Transport from accommodation to launch sites

  • Landing zone pickups

  • Instructional tandem flight

  • Copy of paragliding theory book Paragliding, A Pilot’s Training Manual

  • Advice on local accommodation and preferential rates

Not Included

  • Food

  • Flights (to Costa Rica)

  • Accommodation

  • Transport/transfers to or from the airport

What You Need

  • Paragliding equipment including certified paraglider, reserve parachute and helmet. Purchase your beginner kit through us for a course and kit bundle deal. Enquire Now

  • Unlocked VHF radio – we recommend the Yaesu FT-270

  • Basic fitness level – ability to sustain a 15-minute power walk

  • Comfortable and sturdy shoes to withstand kiting and running

  • Insurance covering paragliding. USHPA does not cover third party insurance outside of USA. You will not be able to take part in the course without insurance coverage



Course and Kit Bundle

Get in the air with our great value course and kit bundle for only $5500

Reach your full potential in your beginner course with our kit bundle, featuring the latest equipment and technology advancements in the sport from Gin Gliders. All the equipment in the bundle is suitable for beginners with your safety and comfort in mind. When purchasing our beginner course and kit together, make a saving of $1500 (USD) and give yourself the opportunity to continue your flying career after your course has finished.

What's In The Bundle

The Course

  • Nine day USHPA P2 Beginners Course
  • $1500 Value

The Kit

  • Gin Atlast 2 Paragliding Wing
  • Gin Gingo Airlite 4 Harness
  • Gin G-Lite Reserve Parachute
  • Gin Helmet
  • Gin G-Wrap Buff
  • $5000 Value

More details about the selected equipment can be found at

Gin Atlas 2 Paraglider

Gin Atlas 2 Paraglider

Gin Gingo Airlite 4 Harness

Gin Gingo Airlite 4 Harness

Gin G-Lite Reserve

Gin G-Lite Reserve

Gin Helmet

Gin Helmet

Gin G-Wrap Buff

Gin G-Wrap Buff


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