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We believe flying tandem is the best way to soak in the scenic views of Costa Rica. Look out over the pacific ocean in Dominical as you glide over the jungle canopy and turn through the air. Once airborne, sit back in your seat, enjoy the view and let our professional pilots do the work.


What's Included


When you take a tandem tour with Zion Paragliding each flight includes:

  • Shuttle pick-up from Dominical beach to the designated launch site.

  • 1x 20 minute tandem flight

  • Return shuttle to pick-up location

  • All safety equipment including helmet

  • Optional photo experience add-on package

Tandem Price: $120 (USD) per person

Photo package price: $30 (USD) per person



Who Can FLY?

Flying is for everyone so we haven’t put an age on it, taking youngsters from the age of 4 up to Grandparents rolling into their 80s and all in between. We do however, have a minimum and maximum weight limit. We can take passengers ranging from 20kg (44lbs) - 110kg (240lbs)



While we promise enjoyment and fun we never compromise on safety. Analysing the launch site and weather conditions on the day is our first step to getting you safely in the air.

All our pilots are licensed and rated by USHPA (United States Hangliding and Paragliding Association). You can relax, knowing our pilots have been through high quality training to fly you safely.

Prior to your flight you will be clipped into your harness and helmet. Our pilots will give you clear instructions which you must follow at all times from launch and landing – following their guidance will ensure the safety of your flight.


Frequently Asked Questions

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+ What is paragliding

Paragliding is a form of free flight, using only the winds and thermals (up drafts) to gain altitude and glide through the sky

+ How much is a tandem flight?

A tandem flight for one passenger costs $120 (USD)

+ Do you offer a group discount?

We do for groups of 5 or more. Please get in touch for group pricing.

+ How long is does each flight last?

Each flight is about 20 minutes but can vary slightly in length based on the weather conditions

+ How long is the tour?

The total tour time is approximately 2 hours (based on 3 passengers flying) from pick-up to have you returned to the meeting point. Whilst we try to keep within this time frame, sometimes it can take a little longer if we have to wait for the wind cycles to come through.

+ What is the meeting place for the tour?

We meet all our clients outside Mama Toucans supermarket in Dominical. From there, we ride up in our vehicle to the take-off.

+ Where do we take-off from?

The take-off is located at Cerro Escaleres behind Dominical beach

+ How do we get to the take-off?

We ride up in our vehicle to the take-off, this takes about 20 minutes

+ Are your pilots qualified?

All our pilots are USHPA qualified tandem pilots and have many years of experience.

+ Do I need to bring anything with me?

We recommend bringing along some footwear you can easily run a few steps in (and won't fall off once airborne), a small bottle of water and sun protection.

+ Can I bring my bag(s) with me?

It's best to leave any big bags at your accommodation or in a safe place. There is a compartment for small bags and day packs in the harness but we prefer you to come with as little luggage as possible.

+ Do you offer a photo service?

Yes, we do. Our pilots will take about 20 photos and 2 videos throughout your flight. These will be available for you to purchase once you have landed.

+ How much is the photo service?

Our photo service costs $30 (USD) per passenger and you will receive all your pictures on an SD card for you to take home.

+ I bought photos but my SD card isn't working?

No problem, as long as you contact us within 7 days of your flight we will be able to send you a back up of your pictures. After the 7 days, we erase all images for storage reasons and we won't be able to recover your pictures.

+ Can I bring my phone or camera?

You can bring your phone and camera with you but we will have to put it safely away for the flight in the built-in compartment.

+ Can I wear my sunglasses?

You can wear your sunglasses, the flight is mellow and relaxed with a few turns, they won't fall off.

+ Is there an age limit?

No, but we do require all passengers to meet a minimum weight and be able to run a few steps to take-off.

+ Is there a weight limit?

Yes, for safety reasons we can't take passengers under 20kg or over 120kg (45-240lbs)

+ Where will I land?

You will land either on top of the mountain, in the same place as the take-off or on the beach.

+ Can someone who is not taking a tandem flight come to the take-off?

Anyone is welcome to come to the take-off but we cannot guarantee space in our car for a ride up to those who are not flying with us.

*All tandem passengers are required to sign a waiver of responsobility prior to flight


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