My Biggest Year Yet

Competing around the world and what I’d like to achieve


This year is going to be my biggest competition flying season yet as I set off to tour Brazil and then Europe. So, I’ve decided to post blogs as I go to share my achievements, lessons learnt and adventures.

The season that just ended in Costa Rica was a great one, not only for the amazing weather we had but because I felt I pushed myself to new levels of flying, especially competition flying. Having the opportunity to fly all season with other pilots on 2-liners and practice punishing tasks in the valleys around Rivas and beyond has hopefully prepared me for what is to come this competition season.

Paragliding in Tinamaste Costa Rica.jpeg
Hike and fly Uran Costa Rica.jpg

My competition season will start in April in the Pre-World Cup in Valadares, Brazil. From there I go to the highly regarded Monte Grappa Trophey in Italy as a wildcard pilot. Then to the Soca Open in Tolmin, Slovenia. Following that, in May I will fly in another Pre-World Cup in Clopotiva, Romania and lastly the British Nationals in Pedro Bernardo, Spain in June.

Paragliding in Rivas Costa Rica.jpg

For the season I’ve got a few personal things I’d like to achieve. Mostly, I’d like to receive my letters to fly the PWC season next year and represent Costa Rica. In doing that I would also like to see my world ranking improve to top 500 world wide. Then, consistently making goal in all tasks through out the season is something I’d like to achieve which would mean I wouldn’t be making silly mistakes and bombing out like I have done in the past when I was a newb on the comp scene.

Spiral Landing in Dominical Costa Rica.jpg