Our Vision

We believe of all things that flying should be an enlightening and life changing experience, whether you're a passenger or learning with us. We've created a business built around making sure our clients see the world from a new perspective and feel the joy and freedom of flying.


Our Team

We're a small team who love all things to do with flying and exploring. We care a lot about our clients so your time spent flying with us will be personalised and exclusive. There's no frills here, just dedication to flying, safety and having fun.

With seven years of experience and over 3000 hours of air time, we’re not just the most experienced Costa Rican flying school but the pioneers of this flying haven.


Meet The Team


Zion Susanno

XC Pilot, School and Tandem Instructor, Founder of Zion Paragliding

Zion Loddby is an established and experienced pilot, clocking over 3000 flying hours, with seven years experience, not to mention Central America’s no. 1 in cross country paragliding. Fearless and licensed, Zion will make your flying experience the best yet. First time tandem flyers can expect a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Whilst those looking to get off the ground on their own will be in the most capable hands to learn to paraglide independently and progress to the next level.


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