Hangouts in Costa Rica for Great Coffee


Zion Paragliding is fueled by Gallo Pinto and Coffee, we share our favourite coffee hangouts in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica grows a lot of coffee and is one of its primary exports. However, as most of the best coffee is exported finding a good cup in Costa Rica isn’t as easy as you would expect and depending on how you take your coffee, the local method might not suit your taste.

Traditionally, local coffee simply put, is filter coffee. It’s made using a cloth (it looks like a sock) hanging over a wire circle, the coffee is inside the sock and the water is slowly poured in and drains through the cloth, making a pot of freshly brewed filtered coffee below. But if you’re looking for your trendy flat white or iced latte, we can tell you exactly where to go to find that.


Casa Alegria, Canaan de Rivas

This delightful, family run business is in fact the cafe to what is the worlds first geodesic butterfly dome. Also selling homemade gelato, cakes and other tasty snacks the coffee here is from the local mountains and made just how you like it. We recommend trying the affogato here, this is hot espresso poured over a scoop of gelato. The hot and cold mix together in your mouth for a creamy delicious coffee. They also serve the traditional coffee here, just ask for it.


Urban Farm Cafe, San Isidro

This cafe serves up amazing food made from wholesome, organic ingredients like wraps, salads and burrito bowls. Sometimes our team makes an early morning pit-stop here on our way to the beach for breakfast and as always, coffee is on order. If you like your coffee cold then the iced coffee here is a treat. Served in a long glass with chocolate sauce and your choice of milk, this iced coffee is for those with a sweet tooth.


Cafe Delicias, Dominical

Locally owned, the cafe here serves food but is best for coffee. We often stop in here if we’re short on time to grab an espresso and drink it the Italian way, which would be quickly, stood at the bar. Then we’re back to our schedule to get our next clients to go for the flight of their lives.


Cafe Bohio, Jaco

These guys mean business only selling coffee in their shop and they know what’s up. We enjoy their menu so much that we stop here several times a day when teaching our beginners paragliding course in Jaco. Purists can get their favourite coffee just how they like it but our favourite on the menu here is the dirty chai.

This cafe also roasts their own coffee beans which are sold in pretty canvas bags and make for a nice gift to take home with you. You can find them for sale in their cafe and also our local supermarket, Mama Toucans right here in Dominical.


Mono Congo, Dominical

A firm favourite and local hangout spot these guys always get it right with anything that comes out their kitchen. The coffee is awesome but best of all they offer a variety of different milk to suit all diets including regular cow milk, almond, rice, soy and hemp. Don’t forget to try the carrot cake with your coffee here, its a personal favourite of the whole team.

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